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07 October 2006 @ 07:56 pm
Video clips?  
Hi all. I'm new to the community, just found it actually. I started watching Another World during the early to mid-nineties. So I came into the show a bit late. I loved what I saw though, and ever since it was cancelled I've been trying to see earlier episodes. Really want to get Soapnet for this reason!

Anyway, I'm currently looking for some source of Josie/Gary clips or episodes from the "modern era" of the show. I know most fans liked the earlier stories a whole lot more, but Josie and Gary were my favourite to watch when I was younger and I barely see anything from them now. So the modern era is sort of nostalgic for me. Does anyone know where I could find such clips (like the whole Boca Lynda scenario w/ Cameron and Amanda) or much earlier is great too. I also loved watching the stories around Ryan, Vicky, Grant, etc. I know AWHP has tons of things available on tape/DVD, but I'm talking about downloadable items.

I apologize in advance if this sort of request isn't allowed. I just really miss watching this show!